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    Every great idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. How can we provide luxury watches to everyone that wants them for a less than average price.  Chrono-LX was born out of a desire to revive the much-loved look of vintage watches with a modern flair. Our timeless timepieces appeal not only for those looking for a great contemporary design but the traditionalist wanting to get back to basics.

    Classic, luxurious and impossible to ignore; make every minute count with our elegant collection of stunning watches. We wanted to rise above the noise of hundreds of other watchmakers and avoid presenting ourselves as just another trendy novelty. Instead, our mission is to provide you with luxury keepsakes you can treasure forever for a price range you won't be able to find lower anywhere else. We believe everyone deserves to own a luxury watch and we make this possible through practical design that blurs the line between business and pleasure.

    Here at Chrono-LX we work tirelessly to provide you with the utmost quality in contemporary watches. The company is proudly black-owned by military veteran Michael Chambers. After more than a decade of travelling during the Navy career he gained an interest in watches and started growing his collection. Since returning home he’s made it his mission to provide an all-inclusive brand that makes premium watches available to the everyday person.

    A lot has changed since we first formed. Our core values however have always remained the same. Our goal is and always will be to bring total satisfaction to our customers and grow a brand you can trust as your one-stop-shop for premium quality watches. We are constantly pushing the envelope of perfection and imagination as we expertly craft each of our unique designs. All the while endeavouring to be like no one else by providing you with practical yet fashionable designs you won't be able to find anywhere else.